Tell President Obama: Help End the Culture of Impunity in South Sudan

President Obama will embark on an historic trip to Kenya and Ethiopia in late July 2015, providing a unique opportunity for the United States to secure regional support for pressuring the warring parties to make the necessary concessions for peace.

By ending the culture of impunity that surrounds this conflict, an enabling environment for peace negotiations in South Sudan can be forged. The people of South Sudan have suffered greatly as the high-level political and military elite who have perpetuated the conflict and prolonged the war have escaped consequences and accountability for their actions. After nineteen months of violence beginning in December 2013,this new civil conflict in South Sudan has: killed tens of thousands, displaced an estimated two million people, including over 500,000 refugees, and left 4.6 million people – 40 percent of the population – facing the threat of extreme hunger and in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

Help ensure the President’s visit to Kenya and Ethiopia is focused on working with the region to end the conflict in South Sudan.

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